Wellness Wednesday’s: Self-Care (and dance) w/ Cobrah Sac


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Ten Lessons from the last decade (to bring into the new one)

The past year was the culmination of one hell of a decade.  A wild, rollercoaster ride in an ongoing journey.  The past 10 years gave me so many lessons, but…

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Black Trans Empowerment Week – 2019

BTEW was truly an example of what happens when the community comes together to celebrate love and life.

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Here, we talk about what “Coming Out” means to us.

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Manifest (your) Destiny

“… , if you are willing to take that first step into your destiny, the universe will more than help out with the rest.”

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Generational Curses: The Family Ties that Bind

“Within the black community, there is an unwritten rule within black families that we don’t “air out our dirty laundry.” We have been conditioned that we are a unit at large. We…

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S.B.W. (Strong Black Women) and the ‘Black Superwoman Syndrome

Even with those struggles and challenges, black women are pushed to not speak to it or voice how the challenges affect them.  We are coaxed to smile, proclaim our…

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________ while trans (DATING while trans)

Human physical contact and intimacy is an essential part of what makes us human and yet trans persons are denied these very things.  Being trans often means a life often…

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Happy Father’s Day to the Father-less

One of the hardest things to do is to bury your dad, who you always think will be there.  You think that you have so much time to fix problems, right wrongs, and have…

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“I am not your cis-star, and apparently not even your sister”

Some of the worst intersectional transphobia and misogynoir has been from within the community; whether it’s been their silence or their indirect jokes, subtle comments, and…

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