Covid-19, Social Distancing, and “The New Normal”

This New Normal is here to stay for the unforeseeable future… what is important is that you are able to ride this rollercoaster as safely as you can, you stay informed as to the…

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#SmallBusiness, career rebranding, #selfcare, and Mental Health w/ Francesca Henderson

“You're right in all that you do… Listen to yourself and follow your dreams.”

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#WellnessWednesdays w/ Marnina Miller

“… I have realized how important it is to have a mental health plan that consist of self-care, a health care team, and a rest day… I now understand how important it is to take…

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#WellnessWednesdays w/ Portia R. Wilson, certified and licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist and healing artist

Being in survival and stress mode constantly deteriorates your physical and mental health. (Acupuncture) can help slow and sometimes reverse these effects.

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_________________ while trans, pt. 2 (WORKING while trans)

Being black and trans, I have to work three times as hard for half the credit; often having to go above and beyond while peers around me can rest on mediocrity, lackluster skills,…

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Pride – A Retrospective

While Pride month has officially ended, it’s interesting to see how, instantly, the visibility of rainbows and celebration of queer love and pride have almost shut down over…

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