During a national pandemic I have been fed spiritually, emotionally, and mentally  tremendously. I have received so much love, kindness, knowledge, resources, conversations, encouragement, and entertainment from community. 

Community has been defined as the feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Community is essential for affirmations and safe spaces for common experiences. 

I have intentionally, yet organically, cultivated great communities within my life. These moments of fellowship are mutually mandatory for navigating love, faith, collective consciousness, entertainment, encouragement, and empowerment.


My friendship communities have done an amazing job at being friends this year. I’ve had amazing time entertaining with praise and worship during a zoom check in with an amazing community of friends (majority of them were Black Women from Utah.) Another community of my friends did group FaceTime check-ins, backyard socials, supported one another business with photoshoots, and somehow they gave me a surprise party. (P.S. I cried the whole time and had a socially distanced ball!)

Speaking of My Birthday, I felt like my whole family came on Facebook Live with me for my Birthday Toast. Which included my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends tuned in from Chicago, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, ATL, and Houston just for my birthday. I really felt loved and appreciated it was a very memorable and joyful moment for me. 

My Church Community continued being “The Church outside of The Church” this year. It’s very easy to be loving, kind, and generous during Sunday Service although truly living a faith based life here on earth is about putting in the utmost effort to be the best version of yourself 24/7. My Church has continued to be loving, kind, and generous to me outside of “The Church.” The Fellowship continued to thrive during this pandemic and that’s what I really appreciate church for.


I truly appreciated the podcast community for giving me a sense of familiarity during this pandemic. It amazed me how they continued to come together by any means necessary to provide us with episodes that are truly a reflection of what we all are going through. Although we all are experiencing this moment in time differently, our collective consciousness is looking at the brighter side of things. Here is a List of my Top Podcast this year. 


During the pandemic I wanted to cut back on social media but in time it became difficult to stay away because the community of people I follow on instagram were providing amazing content. @SlayTV gave us “Legendary Breakdown” which broke-down the HBO Max new hit show, Legendary. @NativeSonNow introduced me to endless Black Gay Men Creatives such as actors, authors, chefs and yoga instructors on their IG Live. @MOBINYC really snapped with their Virtual MOBIFest and their Noahs Ark Virtual Reunion. The entertainment that was provided through this pandemic was amazing! During a time that black and queer lives were under attack separately, their contributions to social media was a continuous reminder that its spaces fighting for Black Queer Identities. A true reminder that ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER.


Before the pandemic hit, I decided to become a Board Member of The Mahogany Project Inc. I was super excited to join a space that is working towards making this world a better place for Black individuals of Trans, Non-Binary and Queer experiences. When the pandemic hit The Mahogany Project Inc. team decided that it would be a great idea for me to lead a Instagram Live every week catered toward checking in and taking our minds off the unknown and uncomfortable truths of Covid-19. That’s when I first started “Tell us, how are you feeling?” Which happens every week Tuesday at 7pm on Instagram Live @TheMahoganyProjectInc and I pose a question or comment to spark a conversations after we check-in. 


I thought I made a decision to pour back into my community by joining TMP and really they were pouring into me. The Mahogany Project Inc made me feel appreciated, heard, and seen during a time when I didn’t think I needed it. They pulled out so much of my creativity and dedication to the causes, which both align with my purpose. That’s why I believe that it’s important to surround yourself with community especially through serving. Purpose is connected to serving. Serve yourself by serving your community. It’s empowering to serve and receive love for it. 

TMP continued to create and produce so much amazing content this year. TMP launched In Living Colors Podcast which is recorded bi monthly on TMP Facebook Live Wednesday’s at 7PM. TMP celebrated pride virtually with an empowering We Got Pride Week, had a 3rd Anniversary Party, and had our Black Trans Empowerment Week. Check out TMP Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube for all of their amazing content. 

The brighter side of this year has shown me the importance of community and service. Thank you 2020 for allowing my communities and I to mutually feed one another spiritually, emotionally, and mentally with love, kindness, knowledge, resources, conversations, encouragement, and entertainment from community.