A little over a year ago, something wasn’t working.  


Still relatively new to Houston, I felt stifled, uninspired, and ultimately unfulfilled.  I knew that I was moving along, but I wasn’t sure of where or what I was doing, nor was I sure of the direction in-which I was floating along.  I knew one thing: I wanted more out of life.  


Always known for my ambitious and go-getter attitude, I decided that at this point in my life, I needed a drastic change.  Up until this point, I had a solid checklist of everything I wanted to do.  I wanted to work for the clothing company, Baby Phat, and I did that.  I wanted a solid career in apparel industry, and I accomplished that.  And yet, as I neared the end of this checklist, I still felt incomplete and not fulfilled.  


I sat down and looked inward and asked myself one question: What did I want to do with my life?  What were my wildest dreams?  This was a question that had plagued me for years; one that was a reoccurring theme during many past sessions with therapists.  It was also a repeating theme in my overall life as well; this was not the first time I felt unfulfilled career-wise.  Not by a long shot.  


I began to look at my past and my childhood for clues as to what I wanted to do with my life.  When I was a kid, one of the things I enjoyed most was writing.  I loved to write.  In middle school, I was known for crafting long novels and stories.  Any opportunity I had in school, I was always trying to flex my writing ability; whether it was reworking “Don Quixote” in English Literature or writing a speech for Sociology.  But, like many childhood dreams for many adults, it seemed to dissipate as I turned to more practical career aspirations (although my career in fashion was hardly practical.)


I decided that I wanted to write, professionally.  I feel like I had a unique voice and lens on the world that was both relatable, and one that needed to be shared and heard.  I also had no formal writing background and no writing connections whatsoever.  All I had were my dreams, and my ambitious, unwavering tenacity.  


Without any direction, I turned to the universe for guidance.  I put it out there that I was going to write.  I began to speak of it to friends; talking about how I wanted to write in some form.  I began to look up various blogs and publications, until one day, while randomly scrolling through social media, I came across a post for the SoCal publication, TheQ26.  TheQ26 was looking for, among other things, a fashion writer.  I immediately jumped at the chance; writing my first article on the contradiction of Kylie Jenner being the first “self-made billionaire”.  


I was nervous.  I had never taken a writing class.  I had never showcased my writing for outside consumption and critique as an adult.  I had also had my fair share of recent rejections in my fashion career that put a damper on my adventurous, ambitious spirit.  


I got positive feedback for my submission and was soon after invited to be a part of TheQ26 writing team.   


After writing for TheQ26, I realized that writing was not only my forgotten passion, but something I wanted to do more of.  I, again, called unto the universe to bring about more writing opportunities.  And the universe worked fast, through my work with the non-profit organization, The Mahogany Project Inc., with Houston LGBTQ publication, Spectrum South. 

While I worked hard to pursue writing, I have to give credit to the universe for helping in the manifestation.  I had a lot of doubt and fear.  I never considered myself a writer.  I doubted that I could be taken seriously and feared that I would fall flat on my face.  But because this was what I truly wanted, my faith in the universe outweighed any doubt and fear I had.  I believed that this was truly meant for me, and that if it was meant for me, I would achieve it.  


While we all want to believe that we are in control of our path and our destiny, sometimes we are not. Sometimes, the path is not written or laid out for us.  And sometimes, we are unsure of where to even go or how to even start.  I have learned that if you are willing to take that first step into your destiny, the universe will more than help out with the rest.